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About Us

Blue Cube Architects

Established at the wake of the Millennium, Blue Cube is a 2 decade old Architecture firm with its headquarters in Chennai. It is headed by Principal Architect Mr. G. Harish along with a team of talented designers with an eye for detail.
At Blue Cube, we believe that the evolution of a good design is as important as the final product itself. We create designs that are an amalgamation of solution oriented bespoke styles catering to specific client needs. This is made possible through our philosophy of being client centric in our design approach.
We turn your ideas into works of art.
Blue Cube is one of the best Architectural Firm, & Best Interior designers in Chennai. We provide a complete tailored service that covers every aspect of your project.
Our Firm has demonstrated its core values of constant innovation, people centric solutions and design excellence through the execution of several projects in various sectors.

Our Vision

“Everthing you imagine is real”

Our imagination is as true as the medium of reality and so is the world beyond our minds. In a sense it comes down to the fact that everything you see every day that is manmade had to be imagined before it could be built, and in being built, it left the land of thought and imagination to be born into the physical world. Thus, anything you can imagine, you can create. Our minds are gardens where beautiful things grow. So, our Perception is real to us and so is our Imagination.
We, Blue Cube team make your dreams come true to reality with Architectural proportion and intricate Design detail, making every dream come to life with Innovation in our work.

Our Team


Music Composer
Mrs.Khushbu Sundar
Mr.Rajiv Menon
MD Sakthi Masala
Mr.S.Ravi Varman
Mrs.Suhasini Maniratnam
Dr.Renita Rajan
MD, News J
Mrs. E. Carolin Praba Reddy
MD, V-Care
Advocate, PMK spokesperson
Senior Advocate
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